Four years ago, I took a leap of faith and began my comedic journey. To be honest, it wasn't under the happiest of circumstances, but I hope the story of the courage I found, to go seek my comedic dream, will inspire you to take a chance on your own long forgotten, buried dreams.

Four years ago, in the spring, when the Vancouver winter was just beginning to shift; the cherry blossoms were starting to appear on the trees and jogging in the forest, on the trans Canada trail at the back of my house, meant a new threat of the risk of running into (quite literally) recently awakened black bears from their winter slumber.

It was one sunny day such as this, in April, when a black cloud loomed over my family, one that seared my heart in a way that I've never had to endure before or since.

My cousin and first childhood friend, Kay, a bright and hilarious woman with a razor sharp wit and no nonsense zeal suddenly found herself going through the unthinkable.

Her daughter, a most beautiful three-year-old child called Isobel, out of the blue, had a dramatic seizure.

Two weeks of absolute hell resulted for little Isobel and her family, one where despite trying valiantly to save her bright, vivacious spirit, Isobel slipped away. Brain cancer. Gone too soon, with the lives of those who loved her changed irrevocably, forever more cursed to walk around with a small, Isobel-sized hole, that can never be repaired.

The tsunami of grief I felt was overwhelming and lreturning home, to be in the UK, at my cousin Kay's side, with all the rest of the family for the most heartbreaking funeral, left me shaken up, making it hard to regroup when I returned to Canada.

In my grief I decided the only proper way to honour Isobel and her life cut much to short was to live my life and grab every opportunity to take a chance on risks I was scared to take. So I enrolled in a stand up comedy course and the rest they say is history.

Pursuing my comedic dream has changed my life, for the better in so many ways. I hope you check out the ways below that my comedy, emceeing and public speaking talents could be the talk of your next event or function.

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