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Because laughter and learning really are the best medicine.

The 'Show Me the Funny' workshops are facilitated by us: Alison Ogilvie and Nic Enright-Morin, two comics with a strong background in working with the public and hosting the 'Show Me the Funny' classes and workshops really combines the best of our talents and knowledge.

We hit upon the idea of producing workshops a couple of years ago, when an audience member approached us, after a show, to see if we could put on a one-off corporate workshop.

The two of us had so much fun, and people really seems to laugh and learn a lot, so we decided to do more.


Since then, we've been putting on workshops all over the Lower Mainland.

We can put a funny slant on pretty much anything - below are a few of the most popular workshops that we offer - please feel free to send us an email so we can chat about how we can bring more funny to your life.

'Show me the Funny'  two-hour  corporate workshop

This two-hour workshop is a session where companies learn how team-building, communication and confidence in the work place all hinge on being able to think on your feet in times of stress, while still being able to think clearly and keep a good sense of humour.

Through a series of interactive improv games, exercises and lessons, Alison and Nic engage participants in this two-hour workshop that combines fun and learning in a very supportive environment.

'Growing Old Disgracefully' - Senior Workshop (1.5 hours)

This workshop is designed especially for seniors who want to get more out of life by remembering that laughter is truly the best medicine.

This workshop combines the best of Alison and Nic's comedy skills, and during this workshop, participants learn how to make the most of life by learning valuable tools and skills that can help them to focus on the lighter side of life.

As well as learning tips and skills to add humour to everyday life, this workshop also includes plenty of time for discussion, a chance for the participants to share their own jokes and a few games that are guaranteed to make every one feel young at heart.

This is a great workshop, as it not only provides valuable information, but it also helps people engage with others and have a good time - which is what life is all about.

Funny Mummies - Parenting  Workshop (1.5 hours)

Parenting  is hard and all to often in our social media-driven world, parents can feel isolated, alone and as if their best isn't good enough.

Nic and Alison, with six kids between them, know only too well how the pressures of parenting can weigh people down, which is why they jumped at the chance to create this popular workshop.

This workshop is a wonderful way for parents to learn information on how to parent with humour. Through a series of interactive games, talks and exercises, parents learn how having a healthy perspective and a good sense of humour are the building blocks to good and enjoyable parenting - all while keeping your sanity in tact.

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